Monday, 2 December 2013


Good Morning! How are you today? I hope you are great :)

Last Saturday I went to Primark with the idea of buying quite a few things but at the end I just bought ... socks. I think I did not buy anything else because the store was really messy and untidy... or because it was very crowded, I don't know. Nevertheless, I found these festive socks for 3.50€ and since yesterday was December 1st, it is great for the month! Happy, happy, happy!

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Yaaay - Christmas Socks!

Two of them have a reindeer, another one little festive trees and the last two something that look like a ¿bird? - although I though that it was a penguin, but I have never seen a brown penguin... 

I would love to decorate also my room ( I looooove Christmas!) but since I share it with my little sister and my room is very tiny, it is kind of impossible. If you are thinking to decorate your room for this Christmas, Zoe (zoella280390) has done a video called Christmas Bedroom Inspiration that may help you - I just leave it here for you to watch it!. I recommed to go to her channel! I like her style and the way that she does videos/vlogs etc.

Do you like Christmas? It is my favorite holiday by far <3

See you next time, we keep in touch :)


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