Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I finished the University... and now WHAT?

This is a post focused in Life and all the things that happen in it. So… yeah, I finished University and now what? I did Tourism and Hospitality Management and at the beginning of the 4th and last year of University I began to realize that working in the tourism industry was not what I wanted to do with my life, but I finished my bachelor degree anyway.

And well, I feel that I am in a stage of life where I am stuck. I keep thinking why I chose to study that, what I would change about what I have done until now… but the truth is that the past is the past and I cannot change anything, the changes come from now on.

It has been 3 months since I came clean to myself and decided that I have to fight for what I want. You try to please the others instead to focus on what you like, you try to study what people say that will be more profitable instead to go for what you actually love and that is the worst that you can do. Because if you have to wake up at 5.30AM, better be for going to a job that you like and enjoy – there is nothing worst that wake up and go to a job that you hate.

Going back to the question – and now what? I try to get a job that I feel that I could contribute and I would enjoy, but of course, they ask for several skills/studies that I do not have; but I will figure it out what to do. I believe anything can happen if you set your heart on it, just fight! If you fall, get up… and if you fall 10.000 times then get up 10.001 times!

I know that this is quite a personal post, but it feels good to let some thoughts out. What are your thoughts? Are you in a situation like these or you are doing what you love and enjoy?

P.D: I share with you one song that has been in my head since I listened to it in Monday, it is called Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy (the video clip is kind of creepy/weird but he song is great! It cheers me up!)

We keep in touch! Have a nice day :)


  1. Honestly you need to go with your heart. There comes a time in life where everyone stops and thinks and wonders what they should be doing after doing something else. It usually means it wasn't the right thing, even though when you chose to do it, it was. Life can take you absolutely anywhere, so take some time out to find yourself and think about it, it will come to you! I really like your blog! I'm glad that I found it! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits, personal style, likes and much more :) :)

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Hi Lorna!

      Thank you so much for spending a little bit of your time in my blog! You're right, life can take you anywhere, anytime :) It's just that I felt kind of angry with myself for not have realized before that what I was doing wasn't right for me.

      I've been into your blog and it's great! ( I love that shirt from Topshop - the one with the hearts). You have been the first one on commenting my blog, I am really happy for that - thank you again!

      (I just hope that I had not made a lot of mistakes writting in English :S)