Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Welcome, welcome and welcome!

First of all, I want to thank you for spending your time reading the thoughts, experiences, ideas...  about life in general and, of course, a bunch of silly/nonsense post written by a 22 year old girl trying to figure it out what she wants to do with her life.

Secondly, I want to apologize for all the grammatical/spellings mistakes that will appear in this blog (I'm sure it will happen). English is not my mother tongue, actually is the third language that I've learned - I'm from Barcelona (Spain), so since I was a little kid I have been speaking Spanish and Catalan - and the reason why I want to do the blog in English is to write more in english and improve it! You are more than welcome to tell me if I wrote something wrong, if a word is bad used or if I just made up a new word in English; let's face it, it may happen.

This is something I wanted to do for a long time but I did not have the nerve to do it, but I just thought, if other people can do it, why not me? I am still trying to decide what to talk about, but I guess that it would be about things I really love:

  • Beauty/Fashion: I love clothes and shoes, but since I do not have a lot of money I just go into the shops, I look all the things that I cannot afford and then I cry in a corner. Some of you will know what I mean... Anyway, happiness is not reduced to clothes! I am also a fan of creams, shampoos and all of that stuff.
  • Travel: Another passion is to travel. The adventures, discovering a new place, new people, new traditions, new cultures... I want to see so many places, so many things – and I am sure someday I will. 
  • Life: Oh, life. The little things of life are one of the best things! And also the ones that does not cost any money, like a kiss from the person you love, those laughs with your friends, cozy night at home with your family or helping someone... We have to learn to appreciate those kind of moments! But life is not supposed to be easy, for anyone. I will share with you my concerns and thoughts about it,

Now, I will try to figure how Blogger, because I am a little lost!  

We keep in touch! Have a nice day :)

P.D: I have a twitter account: @notacatchyname, you are more than welcome to follow me! (it is a work in progress...)

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